Artist - Azumane Kanna

Screenwriter - Ville Avel Meyrink

Ancient Japan, Sengoku period. Several powerful warlords are fighting for the unification of the country. Japan during the Sengoku period was in an era of unrest, because the entire territory was divided into warring provinces. Each semi-independent land is ruled by feudal lords, and they do not stop the war for power. Eternal skirmishes have caused many deaths and the people no longer believe in a brighter future. Everyone is tired of watching anarchy and chaos, and every inhabitant of Japan dreams of the arrival of a real protector and savior. 4 great clans have gathered a huge army, because they intend to take all the territories from the rest of the feudal lords by force in order to unite them and rule on their own. The ambitions of the new conquerors led to even greater destruction. And therefore, someone who could resist the tyrants had to appear. Which side will he choose?

Chapter 1